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Prophecy from 2003

War is in the Heavenlies

2/4/2003 from Lord to Patti Sizemore

The war is in the Heavenlies shooting down planes and space ships.

How long will you sleep, Oh Daughter of Zion, my precious Bride.

Church wake up and see you have

dominion and authority over these things.

But no, you whisper, back bite, and believe the news media. To run with the maddening crowd over the cliff into destruction.

Wake up, Wake up! Now the sound is going out.

Do not believe the false reports of the media, believe my Word,

it is truth, and they are gossip.

Believe in me and I will give you a new day of authority,

and dominion like the church has never known.

Time for my people called by my name to rise up and become Sons of God, Sons of Thunder, Sons of the Spirit of Might and Power. Get your swords out and sharpen them. Get your shield up, and brighten them. For I am the Lord your redeemer, the Holy one of Israel.

Stop giving territory back to enemy.

Stop being quitters and be overcomes. Help your brothers and sisters to excel, not to diminish, but to grow.

Time is too short to play little church house games.

This is war and the mercenaries of enemy don’t care who they kill. They are a bloodthirsty evil group

who live off spoils of war and destruction.

But, I am a God who brings life more abundantly.

I’m not a God killing my own people. Stop the lies spoken about me.

I am a Good God. I give life, I don’t kill people.

The enemy kills, robs, and steals, and you say I’m doing it. The evil one gloats cause he thinks he cause shame on me, but I say shame on him.

Because I have a remnant, a people of faith,

who are rising up, who are answering the call.

They will fight, and will proclaim the good news of my gospel to a sighing, crying, hurting world, deceived and abused by the enemy.

So Let God arise, and his enemies be scattered.

So, say my word, and give the angels, the power to fight the fight of good faith. Which means we win, and enemy looses.

He has a destiny, and he can fight it all he wants, but his destiny is failure. My destiny for my people is hope and life.

So stand up and be counted. Today, choose which side you will be on.

Soon marks will go out, there will, be no more confusion,

as who are mine, and who are deceivers.

Now is time for all good soldiers of the cross to pick up your weapons of warfare, get on your spirit of might and power. Proclaim, praise and proceed into kingdom now, kingdom business. Which is living a life dedicated to Christ, pressing in to the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus. Putting on the mantle of faith, riding horse of high hopes,

in river of love coming from throne room above.

Let Love Glow!

Bowels of mercies poured out from above. Now is time of harvest, put your gospel shoes on, gird loins with truth,

put your breastplate of righteousness in place.

Rise up, Rise up to the position of authority

created for you from beginning of time.

Destiny come forth, Oh Daughter of Zion.

Be all you can be for me, covered by blood of the lamb.

Redemption draweth nigh. Reach the unreached and tell the untold, and finish the work started by ones who have come home early.

Love Never Fails, and neither will you.

Saith the Lord, your redeemer the Holy One of Israel.

And the ones who say they are mine, and they mock words I say, will have their mouths shut like lions in lion’s den, when Daniel visited them. Don’t waste your time on them. They have been mocking and deceiving my people many times, and I give them grace.

But Grace, comes to a place that will not be abused, and Grace also has a voice. A voice that can heal and save, and set free, also it will correct, and establish truth. It can build up, and it can tear down.

So don’t fret of them. They are not worth your time. Don’t go there. The word was delivered, and they scoffed at it.

Everyone chooses road they go.

The sign post come along the way, to help with direction.

You can believe sign or not. Choices choose destinies, there is nothing automatic. That’s creative nature of my people, I built in them.

Watchman, Stay on watchtower.

Let your light shine, as a lighthouse does.

Ships are coming in, and rocks are sharp. Let light shine to show the way. If you climb down, enemy will put you out.

Stay high above Soaring with Eagles.

Prophecies-Words from the Lord

Jesus Loves You, and He is coming back soon!

I Call You Out!

May 5,2018 

I Call You Out!

“I call you out!”

I heard the Lord say as I drove from home to church Sunday morning. I started proclaiming loudly as I drove down the highway.

“I call you out, Prophets, Apostles, Teachers, I call you out, Pastors, Evangelist. I call you out Ministers of helps. I call you out healing gifts. I call you out for the work of the ministry for the perfecting of the Saints. “

It is time to Proclaim. I call you out rings in my spirit.

Time for his body to grow up and be prepared to bring in the Harvest for a New Jerusalem is on the way. What have you been waiting for? Do you need an engraved invitation to step into the fullness of God I have for you?

Will you play around with the world system any longer? When my worlds are unlimited and my ways are so much higher.

Why will you wait one more moment to be all I have called you to be. Rise up fivefold ministry. Rise up and unite for power and authority has been given you to govern this planet.

Do you yet have time to bicker and complain, and judge others when I have ordained you? When I have brought you together for this time, this season is my plan not yours. Stop thinking so little, think big.

If 5 on one hand, comes together with 5 on the other hand. And hand-in-hand will unite, build, release, strengthen. Discover your gift and develop it to its full potential. Then your gift with the next person's gift will build a community.

Become the city of the book of Acts. In one Accord taking care of each other.

Are you an apostle, then dream and supervise the other four well. Govern and plan and balance and keep Harmony.

Are you a prophet well, voice greatly the words I give you and Proclaim, and decree, and break up, and rebuild, and change the atmosphere with the sounds of Heaven.

Are you a teacher, so be prepared get your lessons, and documents, and books ready? Get plans, and paper, and notebooks, and skills ready to prepare new class of students coming in, line upon line, precept upon precept.

Are you a pastor, go look after the sheep? Preach to them, manage my sheep. Look after them, take care of them, do they have water, food, clothing, dwelling safety. Are they behaving well?

Are you an Evangelist, go look for the lost? Tell them the good news. Help them to find the Savior. Explain the benefits of Heaven and Eternity with Heavenly Father, compared to eternal darkness with gnashing of teeth.

Are you anointed to lay hands on the sick and see them recover?

Are you gifted to pray in miracles?

Are You the Peacemaker who walks into chaos and brings order?

Have you been through hell, and back, and have a mighty testimony of God's grace to share.

Most of all, have you been washed in the blood of my son.

And your garments are whiter than snow. Have you been redeemed.

Your garments are of righteousness. The King of Kings is your best friend. And you have a very personal relationship with the king of glory.

Are you ready, willing, and able to fulfill the plan I put in you in your mother’s womb.

Now is the time to take the blinders off. Let your light shine. And be a beacon on a hill. Let the words come forth.

Let light shine.

Let the universes align with my plan, my people, my family, I created it all for.

Saith the Lord your Redeemer, Kinsman ,Holy One of Israel.

May 5th 2018 Patti Ann Sizemore from the Holy Spirit.

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