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Prayer Warriors Unite

Prayer Warriors Unite!

"Who will stand in the Gap? Who will make up the hedge?

Who will be my watchman on the tower? Who will take up the Spiritual sword of truth and do battle with the enemy to hold back forces of darkness

from my baby lambs, and sheep until they can grow up and take their place?

Who will listen to call in the midnight hour of your soul? Who will hear masters voice,

as he says to go this way or that? Who will accept the responsibility for my destiny to be fulfilled on this earth? Who will climb upon the white horse

with full armor attire? And face enemy of God in deliberate control to rescue,

Sighing, crying humanity from plunging toward fires of hell for eternal damnation? Who will sing song of Victory? Who will bandage the wounded,

soothe the broken hearted?

Who will be my ambassadors for Christ,

the anointed one and His anointed? Who will Stand for me and be counted,

no matter the cost for the victory of a New Jerusalem is on the way,

pushing down the forces of darkness into the fiery pit they belong. 

Who will be my chosen? Many are called, but few there are that say

"Here I am Lord, use me" Who will move out of your comfort zone?

Who will give up silly monetary toys? That have no value in eternity,

just things to confuse my people and keep them from the real treasure

of eternity with me in heaven. I use gold to pave streets,

and precious jewels for fencepost. So much more I have for my people.

But first have to get blinders off, get your eyes past mirrors,

you keep only looking at yourselves. Look unto me the author and finisher of your faith. So stand in the gap, my little ones.

Make up the hedge. Fight for your family and friends;

don't let them fall into the pit. Look past the sins and see a soul that needs my light. Open the door for them, so they can come in. Intercessory Prayer Warriors Unite!

Stand together across this nation. It is prayer that changes things.

It is prayer that brings victory. It is pray that brings my power and my Kingdom."

saith Lord of Hosts, your redeemer, the Holy one of Israel

September 2000

through Patti Sizemore

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